28 May 2007

#3 - Me, myself and Parka

These wallpapers where created while experimenting with Photoshop! I was trying to create a stencil do be used in a t-shirt design. I later resized the images to use as my buddy icon in trillian(an excellent IM software, you can use the same programme for msn, aim, irc, icq, gtalk, jabber, etc.).

25 May 2007

#2 - Vespa Again

Some more wallpapers of the band members of Vespa but with different backgrounds.

#1 - Vespa

I made these wallpapers for a portuguese band called Vespa(which means wasp). For some reason they were never made available. I tried a different backdrop for each member of the band, but then went for a blue pattern in the background. Rodolfo's and Hugo wallpapers are my favorite, I think they came out the best. All the wallpapers are 1024x768 in size.

Hugo Rei Amorim Rodolfo Coelho Jorge Jacinto
André CoelhoFred Xavier
Check out the band site at www.vespa.com.pt. At the time that I'm posting this, Fred Xavier has left the band and they have a new member called Miguel Pedrosa, they also have a site at MyCrap... sorry myspace www.myspace.com/vespamusic.