8 April 2008

#14 - Stripes

It's been nearly four months since my lost post, and seven months since my lst attempt in doing wallpapers. I followed yet another tutorial and I really liked how it came out.

19 December 2007

New blog

After a long absence, I'm back!!! Just created a another wallpaper themed blog called wallpapertwo. You can find it at this address: wallpapertwo.blogspot.com. With this new blog I'll post sites and wallpapers that I've download ou found on the internet. I hope that you enjoy them.

24 September 2007

#13 - Grunge Walls

While searching for some brushes to use with photoshop at deviantart, I found alot of brushes with the name "grunge" in there somewhere. The first thoughts that came into my mind, was what does the sound of Seattle have to do with photoshop brushes? Did Kurt Cobain photoshop? Could I reach Nirvana with these brushes?

Basically.... NO! Most of thes grunge brushes, are of paint blobs, not from a canvas but those made on a wall. So these wallpapers where created while testing nearly all the brushes with different colours...

19 September 2007

#12 - Trees on the freeway

Following my lost post, nearly two months ago, I've finally found the photos that I took while in a traffic jam on one of Oporto's main freeways. With a little bit of photoshopping, where crap can became "crapless", most of the times, this is the result:

31 July 2007

#11 - Moonlight Tree

Before I started this blog of wallpapers I had an idea of making a wallpaper from a photo of trees with a clear blue sky behind. I took the photo,a lot of photos, in winter while driving in one of the busiest roads in Porto. Don't worry I was stuck in a traffic jam. Since it was winter there where hardly any leaves and the photos came out okish but not perfect. Something was missing.

The other day I found these photoshop brushes of trees and the idea came back to me. I added some grass and a moon. The moutain in the background of the first image isn't perfect, I'm still looking for a good background image of a mountain, maybe I'll try and draw one...

21 July 2007

#10 - Apple Style - OS X

These wallpapers are inspired by the OS X default wallpaper(I don't know if it is the default one, but they come with the default installation of Apple OSX). Instead of being only blue, I used two gradients, one being - green and the other light blue.

18 July 2007

#9 - Red Mercury

I've always loved the look and properties of mercury. A metal with all its shinyness, chrome-like colour and specially its liquid state... How is it possible to have a liquid metal? It goes against science...