19 December 2007

New blog

After a long absence, I'm back!!! Just created a another wallpaper themed blog called wallpapertwo. You can find it at this address: wallpapertwo.blogspot.com. With this new blog I'll post sites and wallpapers that I've download ou found on the internet. I hope that you enjoy them.

24 September 2007

#13 - Grunge Walls

While searching for some brushes to use with photoshop at deviantart, I found alot of brushes with the name "grunge" in there somewhere. The first thoughts that came into my mind, was what does the sound of Seattle have to do with photoshop brushes? Did Kurt Cobain photoshop? Could I reach Nirvana with these brushes?

Basically.... NO! Most of thes grunge brushes, are of paint blobs, not from a canvas but those made on a wall. So these wallpapers where created while testing nearly all the brushes with different colours...

19 September 2007

#12 - Trees on the freeway

Following my lost post, nearly two months ago, I've finally found the photos that I took while in a traffic jam on one of Oporto's main freeways. With a little bit of photoshopping, where crap can became "crapless", most of the times, this is the result:

31 July 2007

#11 - Moonlight Tree

Before I started this blog of wallpapers I had an idea of making a wallpaper from a photo of trees with a clear blue sky behind. I took the photo,a lot of photos, in winter while driving in one of the busiest roads in Porto. Don't worry I was stuck in a traffic jam. Since it was winter there where hardly any leaves and the photos came out okish but not perfect. Something was missing.

The other day I found these photoshop brushes of trees and the idea came back to me. I added some grass and a moon. The moutain in the background of the first image isn't perfect, I'm still looking for a good background image of a mountain, maybe I'll try and draw one...

21 July 2007

#10 - Apple Style - OS X

These wallpapers are inspired by the OS X default wallpaper(I don't know if it is the default one, but they come with the default installation of Apple OSX). Instead of being only blue, I used two gradients, one being - green and the other light blue.

18 July 2007

#9 - Red Mercury

I've always loved the look and properties of mercury. A metal with all its shinyness, chrome-like colour and specially its liquid state... How is it possible to have a liquid metal? It goes against science...

8 July 2007

#8 - Crazy camera effect

This wallpaper took me hours to build in Adobe's Photoshop using an array of brushes and various actions, with a lot of testing for the correct colours, changing the blendings of dozens of layers... NOT!!!

It's actually a photo that I took, I don't know when I snapped it, don't know how and don't know why it came out this why. I think it must be a closeup of something with some movement of the camera, it's a Sony T-33, on my part that made this... wallpaper.

18 June 2007

#7 - Fractal

To create this wallpaper I followed this great tutorial on how to create fractal brushes, so instead of a brush for photoshop I ended with a wallpaper.

14 June 2007

#6 - Summer of '68

Continuing the theme of flowers and brushes, I've created another pack of simple wallpapers with Adobe's Photoshop. This with a variation in colour for the foreground and background.

13 June 2007

#5 - Flower Power

The same wallpaper as in the previous post but for normal display.

1 June 2007

#4 - Five minutes in Photoshop

These wallpapers where created with Photoshop and some brushes that I downloaded. As you can see the images are very simple.

28 May 2007

#3 - Me, myself and Parka

These wallpapers where created while experimenting with Photoshop! I was trying to create a stencil do be used in a t-shirt design. I later resized the images to use as my buddy icon in trillian(an excellent IM software, you can use the same programme for msn, aim, irc, icq, gtalk, jabber, etc.).

25 May 2007

#2 - Vespa Again

Some more wallpapers of the band members of Vespa but with different backgrounds.

#1 - Vespa

I made these wallpapers for a portuguese band called Vespa(which means wasp). For some reason they were never made available. I tried a different backdrop for each member of the band, but then went for a blue pattern in the background. Rodolfo's and Hugo wallpapers are my favorite, I think they came out the best. All the wallpapers are 1024x768 in size.

Hugo Rei Amorim Rodolfo Coelho Jorge Jacinto
André CoelhoFred Xavier
Check out the band site at www.vespa.com.pt. At the time that I'm posting this, Fred Xavier has left the band and they have a new member called Miguel Pedrosa, they also have a site at MyCrap... sorry myspace www.myspace.com/vespamusic.