31 July 2007

#11 - Moonlight Tree

Before I started this blog of wallpapers I had an idea of making a wallpaper from a photo of trees with a clear blue sky behind. I took the photo,a lot of photos, in winter while driving in one of the busiest roads in Porto. Don't worry I was stuck in a traffic jam. Since it was winter there where hardly any leaves and the photos came out okish but not perfect. Something was missing.

The other day I found these photoshop brushes of trees and the idea came back to me. I added some grass and a moon. The moutain in the background of the first image isn't perfect, I'm still looking for a good background image of a mountain, maybe I'll try and draw one...

21 July 2007

#10 - Apple Style - OS X

These wallpapers are inspired by the OS X default wallpaper(I don't know if it is the default one, but they come with the default installation of Apple OSX). Instead of being only blue, I used two gradients, one being - green and the other light blue.

18 July 2007

#9 - Red Mercury

I've always loved the look and properties of mercury. A metal with all its shinyness, chrome-like colour and specially its liquid state... How is it possible to have a liquid metal? It goes against science...

8 July 2007

#8 - Crazy camera effect

This wallpaper took me hours to build in Adobe's Photoshop using an array of brushes and various actions, with a lot of testing for the correct colours, changing the blendings of dozens of layers... NOT!!!

It's actually a photo that I took, I don't know when I snapped it, don't know how and don't know why it came out this why. I think it must be a closeup of something with some movement of the camera, it's a Sony T-33, on my part that made this... wallpaper.